20 Excellent Mootools Techniques for Rich User Interface


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The User experience has dramatically improved over the past few years, resulting in rich and responsive user interface. AJAX, javascript and CSS are widely used to offer users the dynamic interaction that they have come to expect from advanced, sophisticated, professional solutions.

There’s a lot of powerful interactivity you can bring to your site to spice up just about any web page using one of the most powerful and modular javascript libraries—MooTools! It’s important to note that small and useful features can cleverly deal with hiding and showing important information in non-traditional ways.

Today, we will have a look at 20 creative techniques using MooTools javascript framework for rich UI in modern day websites.

1. Show/hide a nice Login Panel using Mootools 1.2

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a show/hide login panel on top of your page using Mootools 1.2.

2. MooGenda

MooGenda is a javascript calendar based on MooTools, that reads events from JSON requests. MooGenda supports double click on event to see the deafult event view, drag and drop event in month view, every change send a request to back end, to store when and what changed in the event.

Check out the demo here

3. Morph Effect on mouseenter/mouseleave with Mootools 1.2

In this tutorial, we will see how to add some amazing effects to an unordered list on mouseover with the Element Method: morph and to make the whole list item region clickable with Mootools 1.2. The goal is to take a boring unordered list and to turn it into something fun to click.

Check out the demo here

4. Create a Simple, Powerful Product Highlighter with MooTools

Create a flexible tool for highlighting your sites products or services using the MooTools javascript framework. Also, learn some of the many reasons why MooTools just might be the right javascript library for all of your future projects!

Check out the demo here

5. Jazz Up Your Forms With MooTools Pt. 1

A MooTools and contact forms with animated field highlighting, displaying/hiding instructions for each input field, live comment previewing and auto-resizing of both the comment preview and it’s corresponding textarea input.

Check out the demo here

6. Mootools CSS Styled Scrollbar

A small piece of javascript that creates a css styled scrollbar from the Mootools (version 1.2b2) Slider class. The example page shows three div elements with a styled horizontal and/or vertical scrollbars.

Check out the demo here

7. Delayed Image Preloading Using Mootools

There are possible scenarios that need image preloading. Most browsers only allow two concurrent requests at the same time to the same domain. When we do the image preloading on domready, it might hold up other resources that need to be loaded. Because we preload images that are not shown when the page loads, we can delay the preloading.

	['foo.gif', 'bar.png','moo.png','tools.png', 'mootools.png'],
	function(src){var img = new Image();img.src = src;}

8. Facebook-Style Modal Box Using MooTools

David Walsh took facebook’s imagery and CSS and combined it with MooTools’ awesome functionality to duplicate the effect of Facebook’s Modal box.

Check out the demo here

9. OmniGrid

The OmniGrid component is inspired by two similar components: FlexGrid jQuery and phatfusion:sortableTable and partly uses their source code.

Check out the demo here

10. MooTools Flashlight Effect

A nice neat effect inspired by the jQuery version found here.

Check out the demo here

11. FormCheck

FormCheck is a class that allows you to perform different tests on form to validate them before submission. FormCheck is lightweight, shiny and fast, supports skins (using CSS), 10 different languages, and shows errors as tips. It support basic validation (required, alpha, digit, alpanu, lenght, confirm…), regex validation (phone, email, url) and a lot of options that allow you to customize this class to fit exactly as you want.

Check out the demo here

12. Fancy Upload

FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.

Check out the demo here

13. AutoCompleter

This AutoCompleter script for MooTools provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion. It features different data-sources (local, JSON or XML), a variety of user interactions, custom formatting, multiple selection, animations and much more.

Check out the demo here

14. Fantastic News Ticker Newsvine-like using Mootools

This tutorial explains how to implement a Newsvine News Ticker, with news vertical scrolling, using mootools. It’s very simple and quick to implement in your web projects.

Check out the demo here

15. mParallax

mParallax is a MooTools implementation of the popular jQuery plugin: jParallax. “jParallax turns a selected element into a ‘window’, or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions (and options for layer initialisation), they move by different amounts, in a parallaxy kind of way”. You can create parallax effects while having the option to customize various settings.

Check out the demo here

16. BySlideMenu

BySlideMenu is a plugin for Mootools which allow you to easily create a beautiful accordion menu (sliding menu) on any element you want (ul/li, div, p …) using images and/or text. You have the option to create it vertically or horizontally, the container width/height can be adjusted automatically, Menu can be pinned or not, by mouseover or click and with Overflow support.

Check out the demos here

17. mooCSSChart

Create animated Bar Charts using the MooTools.

Check out the demos here

18. MavSelectBox

MavSelectBox is a simple-to-use form select replacement that allows for better customization. MavSelectBox mimics the GUI interactions of a normal select element as much as possible. Up and down arrows move the selection, tabbing to it and hitting alt+down shows the menu, tabbing to it and simply hitting up or down selects the next available option in that direction, focusing then start typing and the option that matches what you are typing is selected, enter selects, esc closes, and so on.

Check out the demos here

19. A Better Pagination

It is only a little script that can turn your ugly looking numbers into a nice looking Slider using MooTools. The script only contains a little fix for the Slider in mootools-more so the “knob” doesn’t jump around when clicking it and is also packed up a little example in PHP to see how you can integrate this script in your blog easily.

Check out the demos here

20. SlideItMoo

SlideItMoo is a MooTools 1.2 JavaScript plugin for sliding images, browser friendly and nicely degradable. All CSS styling is external. The plugin can slide the images from your photo gallery either by clicking the back – forward buttons or by mouse wheel. It supports continuous sliding when navigating, offers the possibility to set how the slider will slide ( from left or from right ) when used with the auto slide feature on, offers the possibility to give it the item width ( width of the slider’s items ) and let it display the elements according to that width and the visible items parameter.

Check out the demos here

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