Using A Homescreen Replacement App? Spruce It Up With These Icon Packs!


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One of the great things about Android is the freedom to customize our homescreens however we want. If you want to take personalization a little further, there are a plethora of custom homescreen replacements that can be found in the Android Market that allow you to change everything from the dock to the icons on your launcher. I’ve always been a sucker for a good icon and thankfully Paul, from Tehkseven, put together a gallery of his 12 best icon packs. I liked ‘em so much, I figured I’d share with you all.

Currently, I’m using Go Launcher EX and changing the icons is as easy as long pressing an icon on my homescreen and clicking “replace.” Of course, the method for changing icons will vary depending on which launcher you’re using but generally it’s a pretty easy task. If you like what you see, hit up the source link for all the downloads links of all the icon packs shown off here and more.

[Via Tehkseven]

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