Bebo Profile Skins

Sam King - Bebo Profile Skin

Bebo profile skin designed for the launch of the new on line show “Sam King”.

The Secret World of Sam King is made by Universal Music UK subsidiary Globe Productions, and independent production company Monkey Kingdom.

The online drama is set “amongst the real-life workings” of Universal Music UK’s west London headquarters.

The series revolves around a junior employee in Universal’s facilities department who secretly launches his own start-up label in the post room and is “hungry for success” to make his way up the ladder and take over the job of his boss Greg.

In the 1987 Hollywood film The Secret of My Success, Michael J Fox, who plays Brantley Foster, takes a job in the mail room of his uncle’s conglomerate and uses an office to secretly fast track his career, becoming an executive called Carlton Whitfield.

The producers of the Bebo show, which follows in the footsteps of Kate Modern and Sofia’s Diary, “draw on real life experiences” and use cameos of real life Universal artists to bring “additional authenticity” to the storyline.

Universal artists include Amy Winehouse, Razorlight, Girls Aloud and Bloc Party.

Bebo users actively participate in the show as well as the fictional music label.

Sam’s love interest Katie feature in spin-off online music TV show called Katie’s Love In, while Sam’s friend Johnny will run a weekly radio podcast.

“The show is a compelling, quality drama that mix a brilliant narrative with cameos from some of our major recording artists,” said David Joseph, the Universal Music UK chairman and chief executive.

“The Secret World of Sam King will appeal to creative users with broad ranging interests, all connected to music.”

Sony Ericsson has struck a sponsorship deal committing to the first three months of the show, which will see the mobile company integrated into storylines, such as Sam winding up his boss with mobile phone pranks or getting a trip to Ibiza Rocks.

Client: Universal Music

The Gap Year - Bebo Profile Skin

Bebo profile skins designed for the launch of the on line show “The Gap Year”.

In a search for three guys and three girls to represent the UK, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Bebo and Endemol have joined forces on an interactive audition process on Bebo, where users nominate themselves by submitting a video about their ‘dream’ Gap Year. The Bebo online community then votes and comments on their favourite hopefuls, sending the six favourites packing…

To mirror Bebo’s global reach, The Gap Year contestants travel the world for six months, taking in far flung destinations such as Iceland, Africa, Thailand, and Russia. They also venture to high profile events like the Rio Carnival in Brazil, the Chinese New Year, Zen Week in Sri Lanka and the Full Moon Party Season in Thailand.

Over the course of their travels, each contestant faces an array of challenges and surprises as they experience different cultures, meet new people, savour exotic food, go in search of outdoor activities and entertainment and even hang out with local celebrities.

The Gap Year allows Bebo-ers to engage with the six intrepid travellers directly, to share travel tips, create their own travel encyclopaedia, comment on The Gap Year blogs, and vote in weekly polls that have a direct influence on how the journeys unravel. New videos and photos are posted daily and every week a catch up stream gives Bebo-ers an overview of the latest happenings in the travels of the six contestants.

Let your journey begin.

Client: Endemol

Vera Wang Princess - Bebo Profile Skin

Bebo HPTO designed for the launch of the new Vera Wang fragrance.

Client: Vera Wang

Kate Modern - Bebo Profile Skin

Bebo profile skin designed for the launch of the new on-line show “KateModern”.

Bebo’s leading online drama KateModern which averages 1.5 million views per week, has filmed 7 episodes in 3 cities featuring a special brand integration with Aygo Platinum by Toyota.

Produced by the creators of lonelygirl15, KateModern ( is one of the most successful shows not on TV. The forerunner of Snack TV, it is a new form of online entertainment that combines bite-size 1-4 minute show episodes with live interaction. The show, which was commissioned by Bebo in April 2007, received over 35 million views in its first season, and over 5 million views in the first two weeks of season two. As with lonelygirl15, KateModern’s sister show, the plot is filled with the mythology of the evil ‘Order’ and the creepy ‘Hymn Of One’ offering unlimited opportunity for viewer feedback and online conversation. Using Bebo’s social networking tools, fans can catch up on KateModern as well as talk to the characters, cast and producers, solve plot puzzles and suggest future ideas for the show.

Client: KM

Wild Child - Bebo Profile Skin

Bebo profile skin designed for the launch of the movie “Wild Child”.

Client: Universal Picture