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The box contain up to six bottles (as the base is hexagonal).

To get a bottle all you have to do is to pull (from the little hole at the top of each face) and then tear down the single face.

Thanks to the particular shape and the way it works, the box would became the main point of attention during any sort of situation (lunch, dinner, home party…).
It would stay in the centre of a table, gaining immediately the sympathies around and it’d be also funny to tear down a face to get your own bottle, like a game.
It’s also more than suitable for any sort of adverts on it (inside the faces or outside them) moreover the whole open structure reminds to a flower, helix or even a wheel (this would be really useful for any sort of commercial campaign).
It’s also easy to handle and practical to store (inside trucks, storehouses…) and it doesn’t take a large space when leaned

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