30 Web-Design Related Photoshop Tips, Tutorial Screencasts


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Oh, this is a bit different collection I hope, because I couldn’t find really similar articles like this one. I did very big research through youtube, delicious, good-tutorials, vimeo, google and many more websites to find interesting Photoshop, little coding and tips video tutorials. What’s great with video tutorials? – you can see every mouse click and in the same time you hear author’s voice explaining things to you verbaly. In my opinion this is the fastest and the best way how to learn new techniques.

Actually I got this article idea, when I accidentaly found great video tutorial on Deviantart which by the way is the first video in this list as well. It is Photoshop tutorial, where author explains several of his great techniques while creating designs – what font to choose, how to think about spacing, wirefrime, colors, blending options and a lot more hidden tips.

1. Website design walkthrough from Derek Toigo

This video will walk you through Derek Toigo design process of a simple website template. He will explain and unreveal many hidden tips and techniques in his daily designing process.

2. Letterpress text tutorial from che mcpherson

In this tutorial you will learn how to create the trendy letterpress or emboss text affect thats flooding the web design scene at the moment.

3. How to slice a Photoshop image into a website

4. Fancy Frames Photoshop Tutorial

5. 3D Web Design Effect in Photoshop

6. Web 2.0 Footer in Photoshop

7. Vista Inspired Menu in Photoshop

8. Create a Watercolor-Themed Website Design with Photoshop

9. How to Make a Highly-Textured Site Layout in Photoshop

10. Web Text Box and HTML: Photoshop Tutorial

11. Photoshop Tutorial Text Mirror Effect

12. Web Design Tutorial – Apple Navigation in Photoshop

13. Spark Beam Photoshop Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will show you step by step how to create this really stunning spark beam effect which can be commonly seen in cell phone ads for example.

14. Creating a Website: From Start to Finish Part 1

15. iPhone icon design tutorial from SoftFacade

In this tutorial you will create iPhone application icon for address book in Adobe Illustrator with some Photoshop touches.

16. jQuery slider tutorial from Dimics DM

17. WordPress theme tutorial Part 1 (PS) from Dimics DM

The first part of an WordPress theme tutorial. This video will cover the Photoshop/design part of the WordPress theme.

18. Frames and Peels in Photoshop from Navdeep

19. Style Techniques of Mantrastic by Mantrastic

Mantrastic is a great artist on Deviantart, you should view his photomanipulation works and you will understand what I mean and why you definitely should download and see this great video tutorial straight away!

20. Photoshop – Learn how to create an Apple iPod Shuffle from kakkuk

21. Web Development – Tutorial 1 – Basic Layout from Michael Daley

Basic Layout is now uploaded and ready to view and runs for around 36mins. This tutorial covers basic CSS/XHTML to get a simple design from Photoshop into a web page. This tutorial is aimed at beginners who are just starting out with CSS/XHTML and need a few tips on how to do simple layout.

22. J Taylor Design ~ Web Design from J Taylor

A little video on a typical outline working with a client on their website.

23. K-DESIGN Windows Blue – Your Choice Tutorial from


24. Photoshop Tutorial 1 from Alistair Rossini

Interesting Photoshop web design tutorial, explaining how to create simple but good looking layout.

25. How To: Gradient, Gloss, Shadow & Reflection Effects from Ryan

A Photoshop tutorial showing how to achieve a great effects you can use in your designs everywhere.

26. Web 2.0 Gloss Orb from Navdeep

This tutorial will walk you trough the creation of a Web 2.0 style gloss orb with lights and shadows in Photoshop.

27. Web 2.0 Menu Bar from Navdeep

In this video you will see how to design a Web 2.0 Style Menu Bar with lights and Shadows using Photoshop.

28. Web Design Tutorial Part One from andrew

This video covers the basics of web design, mainly composition design, and the process that I go through to create mockups. The video covers basic wireframing, grids, psd structure and general design techniques. This video is for people who are new to web design, and the techniques used are basic, more advance design tutorials in the future.

29. Web Design Tutorial Part 2 from andrew

Part 2 of my webdesign tutorial, covers building out the rest of the site, this video is intended for beginners only.

30. Integrating Lightbox 2.0 in to your web design projects from Psmeg

This 10 minute standalone video demonstrates how easy it is to install and use the popular Lightbox 2.0 javascript effect in your web design projects.

The tutorial takes you step-by-step through the whole process, from downloading to integration to testing.

If you know more of this type tutorials with unique webdesign techniques, please share! It was really hard to find something good out there from keywords, so I believe I should more listen to recommendations.

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