30 Outstanding Commercial WordPress Portfolio And Photoblog Themes


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If you need to complete quick project and you are ready to spend some money for it, this premium WordPress portfolio theme showcase will definitely interest you! This is follow-up article to previous one about free themes, check it out – 24 Free Portfolio And Photo Gallery WordPress Themes.

I think it’s okay to spend few bucks for great theme with full support and many features for fast projects. I just bought one as well, just because I needed to set up site rapidly fast, but I had specific requirements for that blog. I visited several premium theme sites and found good looking theme I was happy with in 30 minutes.

It was interesting experience for me and this research was quite exciting as well – when I went through these themes I found out several modern jquery features many sites do not offer just yet, interesting designs..really premium like! Even if I didn’t buy anything this time, I got a lot of inspiration and new ideas just while browsing! Enjoy and let us know which was your favorite theme?

1. Twicet (37.00$)

Theme Features (few of them):

  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
  • jQuery support
  • Fading Portfolio/Item slider
  • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Gallery Page with lightbox
  • Working ajax/php contact form
  • Newsticker


2. Display ( 42$)

DISPLAY is a WordPress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (8 additional Admin Pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who dont know much about coding or wordpress.

The Theme also comes with a more subtle fading image slider. You can use this slider as your main slider, otherwise it will be used as a fallback if the users browser doesnt support flash.


3. Cubit (27$)

Cubit is a clean and flexible wordpress theme with 6 different cholor schemes(see preview Pics), which is best used for portfolio and business sites.

Main Features(few of them):

  • The theme uses a javascript image transition at the mainpage only seen in flash before which suports an unlimted number of images. Take a look at the live preview and wait a few seconds for the image to transform
  • Highly flexible admin area, you are able to edit every content from the wordpress backend
  • 6 different cholor schemes
  • Multilevel Dorpdown menu, Breadcrumb Navigation, Post Pagination
  • jQuery Lavalamp for main menu
  • Advanced comments with reply function


4. BlueLight (27$)

Bluelight is a mash-up of a 2.0 business website and a personal portfolio site. It can be used for either, or both. This template will get you up and running in no time!

Included Features(few of them):

  • Installation Screencast!
  • Theme Options Page (makes setup very easy)
  • Quick Change Color Schemes (managed from theme options page)
  • jQuery Graphic Slider (managed via theme options)
  • Blog/Portfolio mash-up on Homepage
  • Featured Project


5. Levitation WordPress Business & Portfolio (37$)

Levitation is a WordPress Template, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with 5 sleek skins and 2 different front page designs (if the WordPress Live Preview is not enough for you, please check out the html templates that are already available, the look stays the same in the WordPress version).

Key features of the template (few of them):

  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
  • Multiple Page templates
  • 2 different Portfolio/Item slider, supporting unlimited items
  • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Gallery Page with lightbox
  • Working ajax/php contact form


6. Photo Nexus WordPress Gallery Theme (27$)

Photo Nexus wordpress gallery is a 2 column , 2 color variation ( Bright and Dark) theme.
This theme is great for those who need a convenient way to publish and showcase a self managed Gallery of Photos, Artworks or Designs. The theme features modern yet minimalistic style so that your work will be guaranteed to be on focus. The theme comes added with Admin theme options so you won’t need to manually edit the files to get it running.


7. Concept ($32)

This theme is a complete WordPress Theme, designed from the ground up to function as a comprehensive WordPress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout. While the frontend design has been popular as a HTML template, the real highlight of this template is a professionally built admin panel that let’s you edit every major content block in the layout quickly and easily without ever opening up a template file.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • 6 uniquely styled themes (Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Green, Dark Blue).
  • All Core Page Templates (Home, Content Page, Image Gallery, Blog Post w/ comments styling, Search/Results, 404, and a Contact Form)
  • Custom Admin Panel (Full CMS )
  • Clean, commented code
  • jQuery Lightbox
  • jQuery Homepage & Gallery Slider


8. Sensor (69$)

Sensor is a Premium WordPress Theme suitable for photoblogs, portfolios, showcases, galleries, personal sites and other blogging topics!

Theme features (just some of them):

  • 14 Awesome Color Styles
  • Support for Threaded Comments
  • Support for WordPress 2.8 and 2.9
  • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
  • Dynamic image resizing for thumbnails (TimThumb script)
  • 3 Custom Page Templates
  • 4 Specially Developed Widgets


9. Professional (49$)

Professional is a theme which can be used as a CMS/Portfolio or as a blog.

The very light and flexible layout is based on the “Golden Ratio” principle, having 2 columns. The design mainly emphasizes the content.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Threaded Comments
  • Support for WordPress 2.8
  • Widgetized Sidebar
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Theme Options Admin Panel
  • Integrated Social Bookmarking Icons
  • Featured Works on Homepage


10. Gallery (49$)

GALLERY is a premium WordPress theme which can be used for many purposes, including a Photoblog, Portfolio, Personal Blog, Product Reviews, and more!

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Comes in 2 styles, 3 color styles each
  • Threaded Comments
  • Support for WordPress 2.8
  • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
  • Custom Fields for Images are optional
  • Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script)
  • 3 Specially Developed Widgets


11. Impulse ($49)

Impulse is a Premium WordPress Theme suitable for portfolios, showcases, galleries, photoblogs, personal sites, endless possibilities!

Theme features (just some of them):

  • 3 Cool Color Styles: Blue, Dark, Silver
  • Threaded Comments
  • Support for WordPress 2.8
  • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
  • Custom Fields for Images are optional
  • Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script)


12. Photoblog (49$)

PhotoBlog is an unique portfolio theme for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. With an intuitive layout and a fully widgetized sidebar, it offers the flexibility required in modern blogs.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • AJAX Lightbox for viewing images in different sizes
  • Featured Content on the homepage and in the Sidebar. Number of posts is controlled on the Widgets Page in the Admin Panel.
  • Threaded Comments
  • Support for WordPress 2.8
  • Widgetized Sidebar
  • Unique Widgets Developed by WPZOOM Team


14. London Creative (32$)

London Creative + comes with fully working contact form, awesome slider for your featured images, nasty spinning slider buttons (never saw them anywhere else, so you can call it unique), 2 message buttons under the slider and PrettyPhoto plugin (better clone of Lightbox).

You will also have user-friendly dropdown navigation with infinite dropdown levels where you can style every even list item via Jquery, so no more hassle, it’s automatic, you can just add posts and you are ready to go!


15. Folio Theme (27$)

Folio is a theme designed with the intent of being platform for your personal portfolio showcase as well as working blog. The themes homepage highlights your most recent featured project as well as posts in an easy to navigate format.

In the sidebar you will find flickr photos being syndicated, a widgetized sidebar allowing room for easy additions, as well as a brief about section highlighting yourself. You can tie in your flickr feed, and showcase your photos from your flickr account.

This theme comes with 5 different color accent options.


16. Pandora (32$)

Pandora is a WordPress Template, designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site.
More than 10 professionally-designed and easy customisable themes comes as standard: Aqua, Crimson, Eco, Egypt, Modern, Mystery, Nebula, Ocean, Olive, Parquet, Podium, Startup.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 2 .1, table-less layout, 960 Grid System
  • jQuery Support:
  • Windows7-like navigation light effects
  • Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers, or javascript disabled case)
  • 100% Workable right after Theme activation
  • 6 Option Pages: General Settings, Mainpage, Portfolio, Blog, Footer, Contact
  • Fully customizable (include 7 dynamic widgetbars)
  • Slide & Portfolio PSD Helpers are included


17. Portfolious – Ultimately Extensive WordPress CMS ($37)

Portfolious is the profesional Fulll WordPress CMS functioning theme for, well anyone!
Because the name is Portfolious; it doesn’t mean you have to only use for portfolio blog, because you can change that in Portfolious!

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Custom Layouts for categories and pages
  • Tabbed Theme Options Page
  • Animated and tabbed Theme options with color pickers, sliding content with conditional options, dynamic background switcher.
  • Works in all major browsers including IE6 (png fix also added)
  • Sliding Homepage Blog Posts, Twitter widget
  • Option to choose whether or not use slider for homepage blog posts
  • Option to choose whether to homepage intro content comes from a page or the admin entry


18. Goldmine (27$)

Previous Monofactor blog design, now Gold mine WordPress theme. This theme stands out with it’s quality and it has been featured in most CSS Design galleries with highest rating before some time.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Post & Portfolio Item Thumbnails: Easily assign and attach thumbnails to your posts and portfolio items.
  • Jquery Enabled: Flourished with jquery rounded corners and carousel, your blog and portfolio will look hot.
  • Widget ready: Add or change what you want to show on your sidebar.
  • WP 2 .7 ready: Also available for use in versions above 2.5
  • Valid CSS & XHTML : Works nicely on most major browsers


19. Photo & Graphic Studio (27$)

This is a wordpress theme suitable for photographers and graphic & web designers.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
  • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
  • Full layered PSD Files
  • All browser compatible
  • Flash like, jquery based 2 type showcase (Easy setup with custom fields)
  • Fullscreen background for photography and graphics
  • Fixed size in content for web works
  • Modern look WEB 2 .0 style layout
  • Editable auto cycle and dotted pattern on background (showcase)


20. Business Professional Package ($37)

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Clean & Valid Code
  • SEO friendly – Search engines see the content before the navigation (in the code)
  • NEW : Dashboard panel to notify you of any future updates
  • Tested in all major browsers
  • “Widget-Ready” with built-in custom styling (Calendar, Archives, etc.)
  • All major page templates included, including the 404 page


21. Briefcase Portfolio Theme (27$)

This is a fun, bold, portfolio theme for WordPress. This theme allows you to showcase your work, while adding subtle personal touches. With a large billboard featured area on the homepage, to large bold, list and post views on the interior pages this theme will enable you to showcase the best of your work.
This theme comes with 4 color options available through the theme settings in the admin section, as well as the ability to post a project and determine whether you want it to be feature in the homepage Javascript billboard area.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • JavaScript Based Featured Area on Homepage
  • Tabless (CSS Layout)
  • Valid CSS and XHTML
  • Browser compatibility: All Major Browsers
  • Homepage About Me Bio Section
  • 4 Built In Selectable Color Settings


22. Blueleather WP Theme (32$)

Theme features (just some of them):

  • CMS functionality
  • Widget ready
  • JQuery Slider for featured projects
  • Easy featured projects setup using custom fields
  • Easy general setup


23. StylemixFolio

Theme features (just some of them):

  • CMS functionality
  • Widget ready
  • JQuery Slider for featured projects
  • Easy featured projects setup using custom fields
  • Easy general setup


24. Contrast (37$)

Contrast, a wordpress theme which is suitable for photographers, graphic & web designers, corporates with a kickass features.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Fullscreen Backgrounds!
  • Kickass Portfolio Page
  • Fullscreen Google Maps for your Contact Page
  • Kickass Blog / List Sliders
  • Unlimited Theme Colors
  • Cool Navigation & Search Tab


25. Modern Portfolio (32$)

ourAgency WordPress theme is a fully customizable CMS theme – you can easily create a whole site with a homepage, subpages and a blog. I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible while still giving you full control over your content.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Well commented and clean CSS /XHTML Files
  • tableless layout
  • tested and working in all common browsers except IE 6 , so we wont give any support for IE 6 at the moment
  • 6 x layered PSD Files (extra slider.psd for easy editing)
  • jquery Start/Stop slider (Featured Category)
  • jquery FancyBox (for images on work page)
  • working PHP contact form with validation. (PHP MAiler)


26. ShapeShifter – One Page, Infinite Possibilities (32$)

This theme is perfect for anyone looking to launch a site right away. It’s perfect for businesses, creatives, and individuals who want to quickly publish their portfolio or image galleries, individuals who want a streamlined site without too many bells or whistles, and anyone else who’s serious about having a simple, well designed website with a full powered content manager.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Custom Admin Panel
  • Unlimited Color Options (with 5 ready-made skins, see below)
  • Installation instructions (with images!)
  • Full PSD & pre-sized PSD ’s for skinning
  • “Build Your Own” Contact Form
  • Image Gallery Template
  • jQuery Lightbox
  • jQuery Footer Bar


27. Foliotheme (22$)

FolioTheme is a WP Portfolio Style Theme ideal for photographers, artists or designers.

Theme features (just some of them):

  • Theme Changer with 7 Color Variations
  • Gallery CMS Theme
  • Content Slider for all Categories
  • LightBox for all images
  • Automatic Thumbnails
  • NO Custom Fields! Just put you content right in the post – like magic!
  • Gravatars if you allow comments


28. Gold Wordress – Blog + portfolio + cms (27$)

Theme features (just some of them):

  • jQuery easy slider in home page
  • jQuery fancybox, plugin to overlay images on the page with zoom animation
  • JQuery Image slider panels on the portfolio page for featured portfolio entries.
  • CMS functionality
  • Widget-ready sidebar
  • Fully working Php form with validation on the contact page
  • Great design: beauty typhography and styling


29. Ambiguous (32$)

Ambiguous Portfolio WordPress theme was developed to showcase your work. Ambiguous has a large featured portfolio items area well placed on the homepage showcasing the best of your work. Also on the homepage are your most recent blog posts. In the sidebar there is a custom twitter feed feature, about widget displaying brief info about yourself, and a site search feature.


30. Gateway Studio ($32)

Gateway Studios, Simplicity Overhaul features a simple yet beautiful design, that will impress your visitors with its delicate form. The theme comes with many great features that just work out of the box, without the need for plugins, making Gateway a very smart decision with everything Integrated.

A lot of flexibility has been integrated into the theme, so you can use it from a Personal Site, to a Photography Blog to a complete Studio Website. You have an arsenal of Features and Customization at your disposal, and also a Clean Design created with usability and typography in mind.


ElegantThemes Theme Website

This is an excellent site also offering some nifty premium WordPress themes, where you can pay 19.95$ and get access to all of their commercial themes for one year. Here I also find my own pick for personal project, so I am saying from personal experience, that I was positively surprised about their great admin panel with big list of modifiying features, so I didn’t even had a need to touch the code at first.


Okay, let me finish here and also share your opinions – do you need this type of  commercial articles, at least I don’t think anymore that the best stuff is for free, I don’t mind paying for quality and this article definitely proves it! If you buy something please use this site affiliate links to help us improve 1stwebdesigner blog quality! Thank you!

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