Social Network Advertising

  • Account Creation | MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube and other SN.
  • Profile¬†customization¬†and layout design (Photoshop PSD/HTML/DHTML/CSS/JS)
  • Branding and interface design solutions (logo design and brand development)
  • Profile page maintenance, update and promotion (monthly)
  • Consultation and how-to-advice for a successful campaign.
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    Web Design

  • Complete website design
  • Website template design (HTML/DHTML/CSS/JS)
  • Webpage layout design (Photoshop PSD)
  • HTML email design (newsletter, email advertisement)
  • Third-party graphic layout to webpage conversion
  • Website maintenance, update and promotion (monthly)
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    Graphic Design

  • Logo design (logotype design)
  • E-card design (email cards, postcards…)
  • Printed products design (posters, covers, flyers…)
  • Advertising web banners design
  • Design of virtual 3D boxes, covers, CD / DVD cases…
  • Package design (paper-boxes, cartons, wrapper…)
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    Photo Editing

  • Removal or replacement of unwanted details or persons
  • Photo isolation (object extraction)
  • Imperfections / blemishes removal, digital rejuvenation
  • Damaged or old photo repair or restoration
  • Removal of time/date marks imprinted by photo camera
  • Lossless editing and resaving of JPEG photos
  • Photo to painting conversion (oil, watercolor, crayon)
  • Black & white to color photo transformation (coloring)
  • Panoramic photo making (from up to 4 images)
  • Opening of the closed eyes (eye-wink removal)
  • Lens flaws correction (distortions, vignetting, c.a.)
  • Photo noise reduction (dots/grain reductions)
  • Correction of underexposed (silhouetted, dark) photos
  • Color and tonal adjustment, up to 3 photos
  • Lossless red eye effect correction, up to 3 photos
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    Currently looking for permanent roles