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Navigation is one of those things you have to get right in order to provide your users with easy access to your website’s content. Today we’ll take a look at 30 well-designed navigation menus. Some of them use CSS sprites, some use jQuery or another library, and others take advantage of the great properties available in CSS3.

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1. Pixlogix


2. RainSong Media


3. Clockwork


4. Freestyle Sport

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Andrew is a 23 year old illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand. I wish I knew the right words to describe my feelings for his work. If I had to try I think it’s probably his kooky style that I really dig– his off-beat color schemes, low saturation, and cartoon-y figures. Major eye candy. I’m loving it.

I grew up with pens and paint but then the personal computer dominated the world and so I had to try it out, which is reflected in my work. I use a healthy mix of both traditional and digital techniques with no real preference of medium. I didn’t take art through my younger years, but I did eat crayons which quite possibly is where my off-beat colour palettes come from.

Check out more from Andrew at his portfolio and let me know what you think via twitter or facebook!

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