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If you need to complete quick project and you are ready to spend some money for it, this premium WordPress portfolio theme showcase will definitely interest you! This is follow-up article to previous one about free themes, check it out – 24 Free Portfolio And Photo Gallery WordPress Themes.

I think it’s okay to spend few bucks for great theme with full support and many features for fast projects. I just bought one as well, just because I needed to set up site rapidly fast, but I had specific requirements for that blog. I visited several premium theme sites and found good looking theme I was happy with in 30 minutes.

It was interesting experience for me and this research was quite exciting as well – when I went through these themes I found out several modern jquery features many sites do not offer just yet, interesting designs..really premium like! Even if I didn’t buy anything this time, I got a lot of inspiration and new ideas just while browsing! Enjoy and let us know which was your favorite theme?

1. Twicet (37.00$)

Theme Features (few of them):

  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
  • jQuery support
  • Fading Portfolio/Item slider
  • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
  • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
  • Gallery Page with lightbox
  • Working ajax/php contact form
  • Newsticker


2. Display ( 42$)

DISPLAY is a WordPress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (8 additional Admin Pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who dont know much about coding or wordpress.

The Theme also comes with a more subtle fading image slider. You can use this slider as your main slider, otherwise it will be used as a fallback if the users browser doesnt support flash.

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When we think about CSS-Styled lists, different ideas come to mind but that rusty old image of bulleted items is not one of them anymore. There are lots of different methods to format nice HTML lists that is used in most web designs not only for navigation menu (vertical or horizontal) but for formatting many design blocks in a stylish and elegant manner. In this article, we’ll have a look at how such lists can create a whole new look, feel, and effect of a site.

Style Your Ordered List

Styling your Lists

By default, most browsers display the ordered list numbers same font style as the body text. Here is a quick CSS tutorial on how you can use the ordered list (ol) and paragraph (p) element to design a stylish numbered list.

Elastic Calendar Styling with CSS

Styling your Lists

You can tackle calendar styling with pure CSS, and I feel it makes just as much sense semantically as a table does. By using CSS, we can even do some cool things like do all our sizing with ems so our calendar layout will be elastic. That is, grow in both width and height when text is resized in browsers, while greatly increasing accessibility.

Three Column CSS

Styling your Lists

A Three Column CSS Layout Using Just an Unordered List

Simulating a Table Using an Unordered List

Styling your Lists

With the raise in popularity of AJAX sortable list elements, using list items to represent a multiple column data table can allow for easy sorting of various more “tabley” information. Here is how to simulate a table using an unordered list.

How to Create a Block Hover Effect for a List of Links

Styling your Lists

Learn how to create this “block hover” effect. Because IE only supports the :hover element for links, the link anchor needs to go around all the text in the list item. Therefore, we need to provide some additional hooks in order to style the content. We do this through the use of <em> and <span> tags.

<div id="links">
      <li><a href="#" title="Text">Link Heading One
        <em>Description of link.</em>
        <span>Date posted</span></a></li>
      <li><a href="#" title="Text">Link Heading One
        <em>Description of link.</em>
        <span>Date posted</span></a></li>

The Amazing LI

Styling your Lists

Using CSS and Unordered List Items to Do Just About Anything.

Centering List Items Horizontally

Styling your Lists

Slightly Trickier Than You Might Think, by wrapping the list inside a table div and using display: table; trick.

Turning a list into a navigation bar

Styling your Lists

Learn how to create a navigation bar using unordered lists.

FORM elements design using CSS and list (ul and dl)

Styling your Lists

Tables are useful to design complex HTML forms but a good alternative is to use list elements and CSS. In this post you will see another way to design FORM using list elements <ul> and <li>.

<legend>Sign-up Form</legend>
<form name="signup" action="index.html" method="post">
<li> <label for="name">Name</label>
<input type="text" name="name" id="name" size="30" />
<li> <label for="email">Email</label>
<input type="text" name="email" id="email" size="30" />

5 Ways to Set Your Unordered Lists Apart

Styling your Lists

Here are five different ways to style your unordered lists with CSS.

Taming Lists

Styling your Lists

In this article, Mark Newhouse demonstrates how to use CSS to bring unwieldy lists under control. It’s time for you to tell lists how to behave, instead of letting them run wild on your web page.

<div id="bread">
	<li class="first">Home
		<li>&#187; Products
			<li>&#187; Computers
				<li>&#187; Software</li>

Nested lists used to create a simple folder metaphore

Styling your Lists

Here’s a rough and ready example showing how to make a folder analalogy using a nested list.

<ul id="sitemap">
<li><a href="#">item 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">item 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#">item 3</a></li>
<li><a href="#" class="open">item 4</a>
<li><a href="#">sub-item 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-item 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#" class="open">sub-item 3</a>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-item 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-item 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#" class="open">sub-sub-item 3</a>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-sub-item 1</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-sub-item 2</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-sub-item 3</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-sub-item 4</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-sub-item 4</a></li>
<li><a href="#">sub-item 4</a></li>
<li><a href="#">item 5</a></li>
<li><a href="#">item 6</a></li>

Handcrafted CSS + HTML Grid Calendar 2009

Styling your Lists

Some experiments with css and grids in order to make CSS Grid Calendar for 2009.

Best Practices

Mixx’s Popular Stories

Styling your Lists

The markup is not simple, since they are using child <ul> along with a voting form and <span> tags.

      <h4><a href="#"></a><span><a target="_blank" href="#"></a></span></h4>
		    <button type="submit"><span></span></button>
	  <li><a href="#"></a></li>
	  <li><a href="#"></a></li>
	  <li><a href="#"></a></li>
	  <li><a href="#"></a></li>



Styling your Lists

Thecosmicmachine’s Supported social networks, uses unordered list. Clean and simple.

<ul id="web2List">
						<img src="images/twitter_32.png"/>
						What are you doing?
						<img src="images/facebook_32.png"/>
						Connect with the people around you.

Viget- Inspire

Styling your Lists

Viget- Inspire uses a pretty nice calender in their footer using unordered list.

<ul class="clearfix">
       <li><a href="">May 09</a></li>
       <li><a href="">Apr 09</a></li>
       <li><a href="">Mar 09</a></li>
       <li><a href="">Feb 09</a></li>

Product Planner

Styling your Lists

Product Planner uses ordered list to show the user the steps of using their service. Each item (#how_to_use li.step_1) uses a different image.

		<li class="step_1">Find a flow from the gallery.</li>
		<li class="step_2">Use that flow to create your own.</li>
		<li class="step_3">Share it with your colleagues.</li>

Onwired Code block

Styling your Lists

Onwired uses ordered list to create their code block.

Jobs on the wall

Styling your Lists

Nick La uses unordered lists to display all available jobs.

<ul class="joblist">
   <li class="">
        <img class="employerlogo" alt="" src=""/>
        <img class="category" alt="" src=""/>
        <h3><a href="">Web/Graphic Designer</a></h3>
        <p class="jobinfo"><span class="type">Full-Time</span>   <em>at</em> Hallmark Channel <em>(Studio City, Ca)</em></p>

Delivering informative structure is the primary task an interactive user interface should be able to cope with. The more intuitive layout structure is designed, the better users can understand the content.

Whatever content you have to present, you can present them in a more interactive & more responsive ways. In this article we’d like to present 10 smart javascript techniques for showing and hiding content using different JS libraries.

1. Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery

A simple toggle tutorial with an explanation of how to switch the “open” and “close” graphic state. The markup is pretty straight forward, where the h2 tag is a link that “trigger” the toggle effect. Below the h2, we will have our container where we hold the content.

Toggle Header

Content Header

2. jquery-fade-infade-out

A nice fade in fade out effect you can add to your website. The effect fades an element to 30% on arrival of the website, then when you hover over it, it fades to 100%. The effect can be assigned to basically anything in a website wether it be an image, text, a link or even a div.

$(“ELEMENT HERE”).fadeTo(“slow”, 0.3);
$(“ELEMENT HERE”).hover(function(){
$(this).fadeTo(“slow”, 1.0);
$(this).fadeTo(“slow”, 0.3);
3. How to Mimic the iGoogle Interface

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a customizable interface with widgets. Each widget can be collapsed, removed and edited. The widgets can be sorted into the three seperate columns by the user (using a drag and drop technique). The finished product will be a sleek and unobtrusively coded iGoogle-like interface which has a ton of potential applications using jQuery’s UI library and specifically the “sortable” and “draggable” modules.

4. Show/hide a nice Login Panel using Mootools 1.2

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a show/hide login/signup panel for your website using Mootools 1.2

5. jQuery pageSlide

jQuery pageSlide is a plugin for jQuery that slides the viewable webpage off-screen, revealing and populating a secondary interaction pane. It may be used in a similar manner to Lightbox, where screen real estate and centralization of the user experience are a concern.

The primary window is reserved for content; secondary interactions do not require additional space on the page — the area they need is created and removed on demand.
Because the user can see the original window, they have a greater likelihood of retaining focus, and can easily return to the previous task.
6. Liquid expandable section with rounded corners using CSS

This tutorial explains how to design a nice liquid expandable section with rounded corners (top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right) using some lines of CSS, HTML and JavaScript code.

7. How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

This menu has a smooth animation using “easing” effect. There are two actions in the code used here. When the mouse moves over a menu item, that item starts an animation where it expands to 150px tall over 0.6 seconds. The easing applied through the plugin is ‘easeOutBounce’ which causes the box to “bounce” a little as it reaches the end of the animation (”out”). When the mouse is moved off the animation to the starting size is triggered.

8. Lazy Load

Lazy loader is a jQuery plugin written in JavaScript. It delays loading of images in (long) web pages. Images outside of view port (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them. Using lazy load on long web pages containing many large images makes the page load faster. Browser will be in ready state after loading visible images. In some cases it can also help to reduce server load.


MooSlide’s functional solution is to present any contentis. It is a small and slim ajax based extension or replacement of the common “lightbox” that can be found on nearly every page. It is based on the mootools framework.

10. The Sexy Curls jQuery Plugin

Sexy Curls jQuery plugin is an open source solution which lets you share in the beauty of the page fold feature with ease. It uses the jQuery UI & its resizable package.

Having a full of animation or jazzy looking flash website is a dream for those who are the admirer of flash work but to find amazing flash websites for inspiration is not that easy. is the one stop service place for flash fans to discover amazing flash innovations mankind has to offer.  Yes, the mentioned innovations do include all the popular topics like 3D, games, cars, portfolios, etc. Basically, the site is the good step towards all the latest flash goodies existing in this cyber world.  The connections you’ll get from koflash will surely be worth your time, whether you’re just roaming around or seriously looking for some flash inspirations. To prove the words above, here are some of the best flash sites koflash have collected over time.

ELSE Mobile

ELSE offers a totally new definition of what a mobile device can be. ELSE is a totally new concept driven purely by user experience rather than by technology.


Wonderwall is an interior design firm established by Masamichi Katayama. Its portfolio includes commercial spaces such as retail spaces, restaurant and bars, as well as office showrooms and building complexes that are distinctly unique in design and yet attentive to function.

The Editing Table

Nicola Walbeck

The Wrong Door

The Wrong Door, BBC3’s new comedy series set on The Asteroid


A movie poster maker and marketing agency. The website is directed by Unity, Web artistic direction Jocker / CREAKTIF(Axel Corjon), development, motion design Lab9.

Falcon’s Treehouse

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Falcon’s Treehouse is an experienced design company specializing in master planning, attraction design, special venues, destination resorts, theme parks, media production, museums, science centers, and more.


SeymourPowell Product Design Consultancy are experts in Product Design, Product development, Consumer Product research and industrial design consultants. This Product Design Company is based in London UK.

Martin Anderle

Fruit Shoot

Browse the new Fruit Shoot website with how-to videos for beat boxing, soccer skills and much more!

Breathe Architecture

Quality and style are central to Breathe Architecture’s unique sustainable designs. We expertly combine environmental and aesthetic principles to create stunning buildings with a lighter footprint.

History of Flight

Know Your History. Soar through Michael Jordan’s amazing career at History of Flight.

The Sound of Orange RockCorps

You can create your own unique track with your mates and unleash it online. You can also connect to your facebook and you can see which of your friends have already taken part.

Saab Change Perspective

When you look beyond the obvious, you open up to alternative ways of seeing things. As you gain a different perspective on the world, you also bring a certain attitude to everything you do. To Saab, this means building cars unlike any other. Here you can share this view.

addidas outdoor

Real Casual


Cartelle is a creative unit based in Amsterdam, founded by Johnny Slack & Stevijn van Olst. With a small agile team of professionals, Cartelle delivers high quality interactive experiences. Constantly looking for fresh solutions, we offer new creative approaches in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Cloudy Meat Balls

Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs will be the most delicious event since macaroni met cheese. Inspired by the beloved children’s book, the film focuses on a town where food falls from the sky like rain.

JPEG Interactive

Jam is a creative director, an experienced web designer, a veteran Flash developer and the co-founder of Shanghai-based web creative agency 01media.

Imagining Mozambique

The traveling art show collective, ‘Imagining Mozambique’ is a fundraising drive for ASEM, a non-profit organization that helps the children of Mozambique.

LBi Atlanta

LBi Atlanta is a leading full service digital agency. They have developed a successful business by fusing strategy with creativity, and technology to create highly effective marketing and business solutions.

Shinkansen and Love


Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola Zero – Real Coke Taste, Zero Calories. The official website of Coca Cola Zero. Watch Commercials. Play Games.

Parasol Island

Parasol Island is producing nationally and internationally awarded film, animation and interactive projects for exclusive client portfolio – ranging from companies in the lifestyle and entertainment, as well as, consumer industries.

Hobnox Audiotool



Mercedes AMG

Toyota iQ

Toyota iQ – Virtual Test Drive.

Nissan Cars UK

Ocean Recon

Royal Australian Navy Submariners – DefenceJobs

Want to know what goes on inside a Collins Class Submarine? Dive below the surface for a unique view of the inner workings of Australia’s silent fleet. Complete real-life missions to earn your submariner dolphins and experience life beneath the surface.

Oddo Design

This is an award-winning graphic design firm that helps companies build stronger brands, increase sales, improve customer retention, and educate customers and employees. Now located in the Texas Hill Country, just outside of Austin, Texas, the firm was originally established in 1989, in Houston, by Tommy Oddo.

Dvein 2009

Motion and Interactive Studio based in Barcelona, Spain. DVIEN creates Live Actions, Motion graphics, 3D Animations, Flash, and Films.

Sony Bravia

Currently looking for permanent roles